Market 57 and Platform, Burgers from Edith's, José Andrés & Anderson Cooper Live at Mercado, and BrisketKingNYC 2023 with the Strong Buzz!
There would be no Prima Ballerina or Lazy Morning. Here's my list.
If you read one book this month, it should be this sly and sensational caper by S.E. Boyd
A new place where refugees find home, and you find egg, pepper and feta breakfast sammies
Move over Everything, there's a new bagel in town.
...and the courage to make Adas Polo
Wylie Dufresne is making pizza, potato chip salad, pull-apart meatball sliders, and vanilla soft serve wrapped in a hot honey hard shell.
Answers to the questions I'm most often asked!
Principe Opens, Al Coro's Tasting Menu, and Back Home Beer's IPA for Nowruz
A new nonprofit to support NYC restaurants and workers!
The Franklin opens March 8th
Join me for a special night at &Holiday on Friday March 10th!